The SONS OF BORIKEN Motorcycle Club is a traditional all male motorcycle club. Men of diverse backgrounds who enjoy riding while creating lifetime friendships.

We ride to expose, protect and promote our Taino Tribal Heritage. 

We support the biker community World wide, We promote motorcycle safety and club protocol while trying to live the biker life to the best of our abilities without prejudice.

SONS OF BORIKEN is a non-profit corporation, without capital shares, and no pecuniary benefit to its members.

The concept of the Club creation was based on the ideas of Fernando "El Josco" Fuster. Having been a member of several clubs during his long riding life, he was serious about creating a Motorcycle Club that will honor the true Puertorrican heritage. And what best symbol of Puerto Rico than that of the Taino Nation. After several months of discussion and planning the SONS OF BORIKEN MC was formally established in September of 2010. Founding members include: Fernando “El Josco” Fuster, Jose “Cagueño” Cancel, Hiram “Shadow” Nieves, Gustavo “Tavo” Hernandez, Ismael "Tito" Fonseca and Eric "Spider" Jusino.

CLUB COLORS Red, Yellow and Green refer to the Rainbow colors, mystic symbol of the Tainos. The Colors referenced below are for the Full Patch Holder Member.

Our Top Rocker – SONS OF BORIKEN – Boriken was the native name given by the Taino tribes to the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. Boriken in the Arawak language translates to “Great Land of the Valiant and Noble Lord”.

Our Center Patch – Symbolizes the Taino Sun.

Our Bottom Rocker – AJI AYA BOMBE – Translates from Arawak to “Better Dead than a Slave” An outcry of the Taino People, who were enslaved following the European invasion and conquest of the island.

 A Patch on the shape of the Puerto Rico map on the Right side above the pocket as well as on the Left side of the Full Colors is a symbol of our commitment to the Traditional Motorcycle Club membership. It contains a roman number "13" which carries a special symbolism as a reminder that the Spaniards would selectively kill thirteen Taino natives publicly in an effort to gain religious control over the population. Twelve Natives, for the 12 apostles and one high ranking Tribal leader as a symbol of Jesus. The words "Oubau-moin" curved under the 13 translates to Island of Blood. The Island of Puerto Rico was called as such by the Carib Indians as they suffered numerous setbacks and bloodshed on their unsuccessful attempts to conguer the Taino.

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