Membership is a privilege. Membership has its privileges. This privilege is earned day by day. This Privilege can not be given away.

Types of Members:

The SONS OF BORIKEN has three types of Members:
  • Pospects - Initial applicants seeking to become Full Patch Holders 
  • Patch Holders - Full members with voice and vote in Club business.
  • Patch Supporters - Spouse or significant other who supports Club functions

Membership Eligibility:

  • Any male individual who rides motorcycles 750cc or greater.
  • Must be 18 yrs or older.
  • Have a Road equipped motorcycle.
  • Posses a valid Driver License with Motorcycle Endorsement, State registration and Insurance.
  • Show a sincere interest in Motorcycling and the Club
  • Have an Active Patch Holder become his Sponsor


Membership to the SONS OF BORIKEN Motorcycle Club must be made by completing a Club Membership Application and a Legal Disclaimer prescribed by the Executive Board and addressed to the President. The Executive Board will review forms, and if accepted the applicant will become a Prospect. The Executive Board will assign a Patch Holder as a Sponsor if the applicant does not already have one. The Sponsor will determine when the Prospect is ready to become a Full Patch Holder and request from the Executive a call for vote to the membership. Prospect must achieve an unanimous vote to become a full member.

  • Attend all meetings and Club sponsored functions with or without Sponsor
  • Show proper respect for Patch Holders
  • Become knowledgeable on the Mission and history of the Club and the Taino Nation
  • Maintain a Road ready Bike
  • Wear the Top and Bottom Rockers as the Prospect Colors.

SONS OF BORIKEN Motorcycle Club