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We are grateful for your visit to the SONS OF BORIKEN Motorcycle Club webpage. We hope you find it informative; not only about our club and our mission, but that you learn a little about the history of the Taino Nation.

This MC was established in Killeen, Texas with the hope of promoting camaraderie, good spirit and fun while riding motorcycles. We are a traditional motorcycle club and follow club protocol. We participate and support community service events and other MCs that share our mission and vision. We take pride on our colors and we take the club and its membership seriously.

We ride to honor the heritage of the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the island of Puerto Rico, the Taino nation, who are thought to be relatives of the Arawakan people of South America and populated the Bahamas, Greater Antilles and northern Lesser Antilles. 

The island of Puerto Rico, now a Commonwealth territory of the United States was known to the Tainos as BORIKEN, which translated from the Arawak language stands for "Land of the Valiant and Noble Lord". 

If you are interested in joining our organization, please refer to our Membership page for information or contact any Club Officer in the Contact Us Page.

We apreciate your visit to our page. Feel free to sign in our Guest Book or email the Club secretary for any comments/suggestions related to our website.

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